Weight training in ankylosing spondylitis makes sense

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Special dumbbell training for ankylosing spondylitis relieves symptoms

Bechterew's disease is a rheumatism that stiffens the back with associated chronic pain. A recent study found that special dumbbell training can provide relief to those affected.

In addition to the previously recommended aqua-gymnastics, which alleviates the stiffness typical of the disease, a second, efficient treatment method has now been added and promises many people a better quality of life. The so-called progressive movement training with dumbbells on an exercise ball could help, says Edmund Edelmann from the professional association of German rheumatologists in Bad Aibling. According to the new study, this type of activity has a positive effect on patients. You become more flexible and the function and strength of the muscles is significantly improved. Gymnastics is a recommended addition or alternative to water sports.

30 people took part in the study. All participants had to do eight dumbbell exercises on the ball twice a week, such as rowing or crouching. After 4 weeks the weights were increased. After four months, it turned out that these patients were better able to take a physical exercise test than the 30 patients in the control group who had not done gymnastics at the ball.

Symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis
Most people with ankylosing spondylitis suffer from chronic pain. The middle and lower joints of her spine are becoming more and more rigid. According to Edelmann, the symptoms appear particularly strongly after breaks. By movement they decrease a little. For those affected, however, increasing stiffening becomes a problem because it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to alleviate their symptoms through exercise. Bechterew's disease is also known as stiffening vertebral inflammation or ankylosing spondyloarthritis, or SpA for short. (fr)

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