Prof. Dr. Theodor Dingermann honorary member of the KFN

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In recognition of his meritorious work, Professor Dr. (KFN) appointed. Professor Dingermann, former president of the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) has been the chair of the KFN's Scientific Advisory Board since the Munich-based committee was founded.

The scientist, born in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine in 1948, studied pharmacy at the University of Erlangen / Nuremberg and habilitated in the subjects of biochemistry and molecular biology. In 1990 he was appointed to a C4 professorship in pharmaceutical biology at the University of Frankfurt am Main. Professor Theodor Dingermann was the first molecular biologist to be appointed to a pharmaceutical chair in Germany. From the beginning, however, he was particularly interested in herbal medicinal products.

The internationally renowned pharmacologist has already received many awards and honors. B. 2007 with the 1st prize of the 1822 University Award for excellent teaching and 2010 with the Carl Mannich Medal of the German Pharmaceutical Society DPhG for outstanding achievements in the pharmaceutical sciences. He is the author, co-author or editor of 23 scientific textbooks and manuals.

Professor Dingermann was appointed honorary member of the Natural Medicine Research Committee in recognition of his consistent commitment to rational therapy with herbal medicinal products and the important impulses for phyto research that he imparted.

The non-profit research committee for natural medicine (KFN) was founded 15 years ago with the aim of promoting research in the field of natural products. The KFN has brought together those phytopharmaceutical experts who are explicitly based on generally recognized scientific standards.

Since the association was founded in 1998, science has produced valid evidence for a whole range of herbal medicinal products for their effectiveness and the underlying mechanisms of action. They all form the rational basis of modern herbal medicines, which need not shy away from comparison with conventional chemical-synthetic medicines. (pm)

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