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Private health insurers are in favor of funded care

The Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) has spoken out in favor of funded care on the occasion of the new course in health policy. The planned citizens' insurance could not cope with the problems.

Problems due to demographic change The course is currently being set in German health policy. The Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) has now clearly spoken out for funded care. In their view, a pay-as-you-go system, as envisaged for citizens' insurance, cannot deal with the problem of demographic change. According to PKV chairman Uwe Laue, the number of people in need of long-term care will almost double to over 4 million by 2050, while at the same time the number of people able to work will decrease by around 17 million people.

Current coalition negotiations "Who should then pay the higher expenses", warned Laue at a press conference in Berlin. Regarding the current coalition negotiations, he pointed out that no capital coverage is possible in a statutory social insurance scheme. "The money would never be safe there against a misuse of the political system, as several examples from the past prove," said Laue. Long-term provision could only secure property claims guaranteed under private law. Furthermore, these would really remain untouched for decades.

Preferred PKV concert The PKV chairman is asking politicians to make it easier for more citizens to access private health insurance. A lowering of the compulsory insurance limit from currently 53,550 euros to 48,600 euros is required for this from 2014. And additional insurance should again be offered exclusively by the PKV.

Social Democrats' demands rejected The association also fundamentally emphasized its reform efforts, but these seem to have to be questioned. The PKV association vigorously rejected the Social Democrats' demands that members of private health insurance companies be allowed to take their retirement provisions with other providers. "Portability does not solve a problem, but would be a socio-political high-risk experiment," said Laue.

Making it more insured-friendly One goal of the PKV, however, is to make the tariff change law within the respective companies more insured-friendly. In this context, PKV director Volker Leienbach emphasized that the right to change has only been included in the contracts since 2009. It is therefore not possible for privately insured persons with an earlier contract to take their aging provisions with them when changing. (ad)

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