Fewer and fewer organ donors

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The number of organ donors fell by 16.3 percent in 2013

Fewer and fewer people are willing to donate their organs. This result is based on the preliminary annual figures of the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO). According to this, the number of donors fell from 1046 to 876 in 2013 - the lowest value since the introduction of the Transplantation Act (TPG) in 1997. A big problem, because in Germany about 11,000 seriously ill people hope for a donor organ.

Nationwide only 10.9 donors per million inhabitants The number of organ donors reached a new low last year. As reported by the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO), there were only 876 registered organ donors nationwide in 2013, which corresponds to an average of 10.9 donors per million inhabitants - the year before there were still 1,046 donors (12.8 donors per million inhabitants). This is a 16.3 percent drop in donors. However, according to the DSO, the number of organs donated “only” fell by 13.6 percent from 3,511 in 2012 to 3,034 in 2013 due to multiple donations.

"We are very concerned about this development"
“Unfortunately, organ donation numbers continued to decline last year. We are very concerned about this development, ”said the full-time board for restructuring DSO, Dr. jur. Rainer Hess. The decline in donors was regional, but also varied over the course of the year, reports the DSO. Accordingly, in August and November 2013 there were fewer than 60 donations instead of the average of 100 donations in the past few years, and there were areas in which the loss of donors was particularly evident: Regions, whereby it is the lowest in the North-East region with 9.7 percent and highest in Bavaria with 23.9 percent, ”said Dr. Keep going.

Organ donation scandals responsible for donor decline? According to the DSO, the reason for the decline in donors could possibly be the “organ donation scandals” that have become known in recent years and have led to great uncertainty among many people. According to Dr. Hess also strengthened the work of the clinics: “Our job is to professionally support the hospitals, especially the transplant officers. Only together can we regain the trust that organ donation deserves. ”

Almost 11,000 seriously ill people hope for a donor organ According to Dr. Therefore, education and transparency are particularly important, because only in this way can people's uncertainty be taken away. An important matter for the DSO, because according to information from the foundation, almost 11,000 seriously ill people are currently hoping for a potentially life-saving donor organ. According to Hess, the DSO is responsible for ensuring that all steps in the donation process are followed and carried out correctly: "No patient in Germany has to worry about being given up too soon by doctors because of an organ donation," the lawyer added.

Organ donation should be viewed as a "task for society as a whole" According to the DSO, the commercial director of the foundation, Thomas Biet, also hopes for a change in how organ donation is dealt with by considering the donation as a "task for society as a whole" and treating donors and their relatives with appreciation will. According to the DSO, it is already a big step "if every German citizen deals with the issue of organ donation without prejudice and makes a decision." (Nr)

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