Neurodermatitis: No long showering

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Showering: care tips for neurodermatitis sufferers

If you suffer from eczema, you should be careful and gentle, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. As the German Skin and Allergy Aid in Bonn writes in its current brochure "Basic care and therapy for neurodermatitis", long showering and care products that irritate the skin should be avoided.

Four million people suffer from chronic inflammatory skin disease According to the German Skin and Allergy Aid in Bonn, around four million people in Germany are affected by chronic inflammatory skin disease neurodermatitis and mostly suffer from symptoms such as itchy eczema, drier Skin and inflammation. Although the disease has not yet been curable, it seems that, thanks to current research, a newly developed basic treatment could help to better arm the skin of those affected against irritating influences. “The skin of neurodermatitis patients is not healthy even in symptom-free phases. It is far too dry and cannot adequately ward off external influences such as cold or pollutants. Because the skin barrier lacks important substances that normally ensure a balanced fat-moisture balance. Today we have a much deeper insight into these processes than before and can therefore compensate for this deficiency quite well by external treatment with certain fat and protein substances, ”explains Professor Dr. Thomas Bieber, dermatologist and allergist at the University Clinic Bonn.

Only dab the skin carefully and avoid irritant care. Accordingly, extensive showering and bathing should be avoided in order not to irritate the skin even more, according to the recommendation of the German Skin and Allergy Aid eV in Bonn in its current guide "Basic care and therapy with Neurodermatitis ". Since fat and moisture are removed from the skin through every contact with water, you should generally shower rather than bathe. In addition, those affected should avoid irritating, skin-irritating care or cleaning products, but instead only use agents that are specifically addressed to neurodermatitis sufferers or people with dry, sensitive skin. Care should also be taken very gently - here the association recommends using products that are as liquid as possible with regard to spreadability and taking care not to rub the skin too hard when drying, but rather to dab it off carefully. (No)

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