Spring sunburn: apply cream now

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Beware of sunburn in spring: apply cream now

The spring-like temperatures attract many people outdoors. But the joy of the sunny weather can also be slightly clouded, because the risk of sunburn increases. Therefore, it is advisable to protect yourself if you want to enjoy the sun longer. "Lotion on longer walks," advises dermatologist Dr. Sandra Thoms. In particular, permanently stressed skin areas such as the nose or ears should be adequately protected.

Calmly choose a high sun protection factor The nice weather drives many people outdoors. But like the dermatologist Dr. Herbert Kirchesch from Pulheim near Cologne advises those who "want to spend a long time in the sun to apply cream to sensitive skin areas as a precaution". You should also choose a cream with a high sun protection factor. The particularly vulnerable areas of the skin included ears, nose, forehead and hands. "Don't be fooled by the rather cool, spring-like temperatures: The sun is already quite intense," Kirchesch told the news agency dpa. The risk of sunburn is high, especially in the midday, when the sun is almost vertical.

Home remedies usually help well The deputy state chair of North Rhine in the professional association of German dermatologists said: "There are people who notice after 15 minutes that something is going on." People who don't tan in the sun are fundamentally particularly at risk. "Especially in the early sun, with untrained skin, it will be more likely to catch them than others." If the worst comes to the worst, you should cool the affected skin as first aid for sunburn. "Home remedies such as moist envelopes usually help quite well." Quark, yoghurt, aloe vera or healing earth have proven themselves as other home remedies for sunburn. When it comes to treating sunburns, many mistakes are persistent. Some people think that an after-sun lotion can effectively treat sunburn. But that is not the case, such a lotion should only help to dry out the skin.

For more severe ailments, see a doctor If a more severe ailment occurs, a cortisone-containing lotion, which is prescribed by the doctor, could provide relief. "For me, a sunburn is something that pulls and tenses the next day and is more than just a little red," says Kirchesch. However, if blisters form on the skin, the skin is dark red, and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, fever, chills, headache and drowsiness appear, a doctor should be consulted. Because these are signs of a sunstroke that should urgently be treated by a doctor. For this weekend with forecast temperatures of up to 21 degrees, a severe sunburn is not yet expected. (ad)

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